4.4. Training

4.4.1. Initial Sea Cadet Training 

All chaplains have to undergo the initial training common to all Sea Cadet Uniformed staff, namely the Adult Induction Course (AIC). This is the prerequisite to all other courses and usually run locally in the district. 

4.4.2. Chaplains Initial Course - next course : 3rd-6th June 2019

 This is the main initial induction course for new chaplains and a good thing to do at the beginning or in the first few months of being a chaplain. It is usually held at HMS Excellent in Portsmouth and runs for four days during the week. It includes a whole variety of topics from How to be a Chaplain through to basic drill and uniform. This is a course to be done only once. This course is booked through your unit and Westminster - just talk to your admin officer or CO and they should be able to look after you. 

4.4.3. Chaplains Continuation Course  - next course : 7th-10th October 2019

 The chaplaincy also runs a yearly continuation course which offers chaplains with some experience a chance to reflect and refine their service. It provides a variety of teaching sessions, chances to share good practice and some fellowship. We encourage chaplains to occasionally attend this course every five years or so and it is not envisioned that you return year on year. This course for ministers is a normal and usual part of Professional development and can be used as part of Diocesan Ministerial Development training. This course is booked in the usual way through your unit and Westminster. 

4.4.4. Other courses 

Chaplains can attend all other courses as a usual uniformed member of staff and if time permits this can be a good way of gaining extra specialisation that allow you to teach a variety of subjects.   
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