1. An Introduction to Chaplaincy

 A Theology of Chaplaincy 
Frequently asked questions 
 One Page role summaries of Unit, District And Area Chaplains

2. Serving through Nurturing People 

This section deals with understanding the various groups of people within the Corps, what they wear, what they do, what they are called, and consequently as Chaplains, what we can do to support and serve them...

3. Serving through Giving Teaching

Each unit evening and other weekends have opportunities for the chaplain to be involved in the teaching of cadets. These can be divided in to two main areas, the Core Values Training and Other lessons and support:

4. Serving through Leading Spiritually

The Spiritual aspect of our role - Prayer, prayers, Christian Leadership, Interfaith support and Training

5. Being Part of the Corps

This section deals with the context of our chaplaincy, that of the Sea Cadet Corps, its culture, foibles, strengths and character.

The Appointment Process

The appointment process




What to wear, when and how
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