4.4. Training - 2022 Update

In response to a number of factors I have just completed a comprehensive initial review of our training needs and requirements. I do not want our ongoing uncertainty in the corps regarding the resumption of residential and offshore training courses to stand in the way of us addressing our training backlog so I have created a modular based approach to training that can weather even pandemics going froward.

The new Basic Training package consists of 4 key modules :

Module 1 is our general introduction to SCC Chaplaincy and Modules 2-4 give some of the basics in the three main areas that we serve in.

You will find some details of what comes in each module in our SCC Chaplains website which is structured around the same aspects of service.

Together the 4 modules will constitute ‘Basic Training’ and form the Compulsory training for all new SCC Chaplains.

The plan is that all chaplains who have not previously competed the old Initial Training Course (ITC) will complete their basic training before the end of 2022.
This gives us a year (plenty of time I hope) to clear our training backlog and will hopefully be a great blessing to those newer of you who have some questions.The central way this training will be delivered this year will be online via Zoom with me and you have three Saturday mornings (0900 - 1300) to chose from, namely:

Saturday 2nd April 0900-1300 
Saturday 2nd July 0900-1300 
Saturday 15th October 0900-1300

Could I ask you all at this stage to do two things :
1)  Let your Area Chaplain know a) which training morning you will be coming to or b) That you have already done the Initial Training Course
2)  Put the date in your diary - now!The Area Chaplains have been tasked with developing the list of who has is coming to what and who has done what training, as one or two Area Chaplains maybe doing some in person local ‘basic training’ training of their own, which they will no doubt let you know about. 

Our new modular system allows for some flexibility going forward.

You are of course most welcome to come on one of the training mornings if you have already done the old ITC- we all need to stay current and there have been one or two changes in the SCC these past years! With regards appointments me running these on Zoom also means that if your appointment has not yet been finalised, you can still come along on the training.

Can I encourage you most strongly to sign up for your basic training - there is both a Carrot and stick approach here.The stick is that this is compulsory so get on with it.The carrot is that we use successful completion of basic training as the in house trigger to request your Commission certificate from Her Majesty the Queen.

Going forward whilst online training is a useful stop gap, nothing beats being in person together so we have begun exploring new models of residential training. I have listened to a number of comments about previous courses, what was good (shared conversations in the bar, getting to know one another and the like) to what was terrible (living conditions on board HMS Bristol where we were often billeted on our training courses). 
Good news for some is that HMS Bristol has now been officially decommissioned - this has lead into a deeper dive exploration of other venues and possibilities for 2023 and beyond.

The wider training review (which your Area chaplain will share with you of you are interested) goes into some possibilities and I will keep you informed when we have news here.