3.1. Corps Values Training

The teaching syllabus for all Senior cadets includes Core Values that the Chaplain is expected to take a lead in delivering (although they are by no means exclusive to us and can be delivered by anyone competent). 
The Sea Cadet Corps has identified 6 values - Commitment, Loyalty, Discipline, Respect and Integrity. 

 These are taught at various stages of the Cadets progression through the ranks 
 Cadet - Commitment (CV01) 
Cadet First Class - Self Discipline (CV02) - Honesty and Integrity (CV03) 
Ordinary Cadet - Loyalty (CV04) - 
Respect (CV05) 

 You will find template lessons plans for each of these in the respective curriculum sections as linked. It is fair to say that these template plans are (let the reader understand) very weak ‘basic’. 
They are designed so that a young and inexperienced instructor (not necessarily a chaplain) can deliver a basic lesson. Here the Chaplain can come into his or her own in that many of us have years of experience in teaching to adults and children and often years of experience in various leadership contexts that will hopefully mean we can improve on the basic template the Corps offers. 
 One of the things that this web resource aims at doing is to be a resource base for good ideas related to these and other lessons. If you have a good lesson outline please email me a copy of it (a pdf is usually preferable) and I will add it to our resource base here.