2.6. District, Area and National Staff

2.6.1. Volunteers 

 Most District and Area staff do what they do for the district or area in addition to their regular commitment as a member of staff in a Unit. 
There are though, important to note, various uniformed staff at else higher loveless whose sole function is to have oversight of a district or speciality within the district. 
These good people need nurturing too - one of the key chaplains roles at every level is to look after lonely leaders - the general rule of thumb is that the higher up the chain you are, the lonelier it is. 
This will in part hopefully be done by the district and area chaplains but if you have good local links with a senior member of staff, then there is a good nurturing role to be done. 

2.6.2. Employees Area Staff 

 All of the 6 Areas of the Country have a small and dedicated Employed staff inclduing for example a Deputy Area Officer, A Business Manager, the CO of the Marines in the Area, Devemopment workers and Administrative Staff. They are based in the six area offices located around the country. National HQ Staff 

 The national HQ has a number of staff based in London at the Marine Society and Sea Cadets (MSSC) HQ in Lambeth. This HQ coordinates national policy on everything from safeguarding to training to uniform and is led by a combination of Captain Sea Cadets Neil Downing RN and the Chief Executive, Martin Coles.