2.5.1. Non Commissioned Officers (NCOs)

The various NCOS you will come across include:
The differences in Dress with regards Caps, Badges etc can all be found on the excellent Headquarters Website - NE03 on the New Entry Syllabus 

Acting /Probationary Petty Officer

Uniformed staff start at this entry level rank - for example when a Cadet becomes old enough to be an Adult, they join as a CI and the PPO.  

Petty Officer

Staff usually progress on quickly to becoming a Petty Officer who will often be called ‘PO’ in the Unit

Chief Petty Officer

This rank will be usually one of the more senior staff members - known as 'Chief'

2.5.1. Warrant Officer (1 and 2)

This is a rarer rank at Unit Level and for the most experienced NCOs and/or District and Area level NCOs.