2.1. Junior Cadets

The youngest cadets we have range from the ages of 10-12. These cadets generally meet once a week. During the two years they work towards 4 main badges around the following themes: 

Red - The Unit 
Blue - Waterborne 
Green - Outdoor and Recreation 
Yellow - Community and Citizenship 

 These cadets also do a lot of playing games and a usual evening will see a mix of teaching and games. They join in with colours and are encouraged to take a lead in various parts of the ceremony. You can readily identify them by their wearing a sweatshirt. 

 There are some small rank progressions as a Junior Cadet indicated by the number of blue stars on the brassard. After being a New Entry they progress to being a Junior Cadet (1st Class) indicated by one blue star and then leading Junior Cadet indicated by two blue stars.

Junior cadets usually do their own thing during a parade night. Some weekends they go on will just for Junior Cadets and some will be joined with Senior Cadets (but with their own activities). 

The emphasis is very much on fun although some of their qualifications (like competent crew etc) can be carried forward when they progress to senior Cadets. Some progress although we do lose some as the age of 12 sees many changes for the cadets with the move to Seniors coupled with the start of secondary school.