1.6. Who's Who

The Chaplaincy is led by the Corps Chaplain, Keith Robus and the Staff Chaplain, Andrew Schuman.
Each area has an Area Chaplain who looks after all chaplaincy matters in her or his area.

Corps Chaplain
Revd Keith Robus RN

Keith is the Leader of the Chaplaincy and all us chaplains as well as having a particular ministry to the Staff at national headquarters. He is a very experienced Royal Naval Chaplain and a Vicar in Plymouth.

Staff Chaplain
Revd Dr Andrew Schuman RNR

The Staff Chaplain is the XO of the Chaplaincy, operating as the Corps Chaplain's no 2. He has a a particular focus on new appointments and training and development.
Andrew is an experienced chaplain having a similar role as St John Ambulance's Sub Dean.
He is a Vicar working in South Bristol, and a Franciscan Tertiary.

Tel: 0117 909 4235

Area Chaplains

Each area has an Area Chaplain who leads the Chaplaincy in Area, sits on Area SMTs and is the first point of contact with appointments.

SW  Area Chaplain
Revd Jordan Spencer RNR

Jordan is the Area Chaplain for the South West. He is also the onboarding chaplain for new chaplains.
He lives and ministers in Wales.
Tel: 01348 874 144
Email:  onboardingchaplain@gmail.com

London Area Chaplain
Ven Luke Miller RNR

Luke looks after the London area - in his spare time when not Sea Cadeting, he is the Archdeacon of London.
Tel : 020 3837 5204

North Area Chaplain
Very Revd Dr Emsley Nimmo RNR

Emsley Looks after Scotland, Northern Ireland and North east.
Tel: 01224 644969 email: alexander306@btinternet.com

Southern Area Chaplain
Revd Jim Horton RNR 

Jim looks after Central, Southern and South East England and is a Vicar in Chichester.

North West Area Chaplain 
Fr David Gamble RNR 

David looks after the North West of England

Eastern Area Chaplain
Revd Chris Buckley RNR

Chris looks after Eastern Region